Apple iPad + Nikon D300s = Wireless Tethering On The Go!

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A few months ago I came across an article on trying to demo a pretty cool feature. A feature many have asked since the release of the Apple iPad. Can I tether images from my camera to the iPad? Not until recently (past 4 months) you could. With the help of a SD card from Eye-Fi, a software called ShuttlerSnitch, and one of these two methods (Router Based or Ad Hoc Based). Once you have all of these items and setup, you are ready to walk around town taking all the pictures you want and have it immediately tethered to your Apple iPad.

How you asked? Fairly simple! Two methods for you to choose from!

Method #1: Router Based

In a routed based method, you will need the following items:
  • Apple iPad (WIFI version, no 3G required)
  • Download ShutterSnitch from Apps Store ($7.99)
  • A portable WIFI device (i.e.: Verizon MiFi or unlocked Android Phone w/ Wifi Tethering or an actual Router) - No Internet Connection Required. The router will be used to route between the Apple iPAD and Eye-Fi (Rob Galbraith DPI composed a good list of router for you)
  • Eye-Fi Connect WIFI Card, does not required the "PRO" version.
Connect the Eye-Fi device to your PC or Mac and setup the WIFI SSID you will be connecting with on your Camera. This will be the SSID of the portable WIFI devices you have setup above. Once you have it setup, plug in the Eye-Fi to your camera (Nikon D300s, Nikon D90, or any camera compatible with Eye-Fi).

On your Apple iPAD, make sure you have the WIFI setup to connect to the same router device. Launch ShutterSnitch and create a Catalog / Category. Once created, you are ready to start taking picture and the image will automatically show up on your Apple iPad.

Method #2: Ad Hoc Based

In this "Ad Hoc" method, you do not need a portable WIFI device, but it does required you jailbreak your Apple iPAD. The items you will need are:

  • Apple iPAD (WIFI version, no 3G required). Jailbreak ready. If you are unsure how to jailbreak, google Jailbreak Apple iPAD and on iOS 4.2+
  • Download ShutterSnith from Apple Apps Store ($7.99)
  • Download MyWi 4.0 from JailBreak Store - Cydia ($20.00)
  • Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB
Similar to method #1 above, insert the Eye-Fi card into your PC or MAC and setup the WIFI SSID you will be connecting to. In this particular case, lauch up the MyWi 4.0 on your Apple iPAD to get the SSID. Once you are done, insert the Eye-Fi into your camera.

On your Apple iPAD, startup two applications. One being MyWi and ShuttlerSnitch.

I've tried both methods and can say they both work perfectly! Can't wait until I can go outside and do some more playing with this!

Note: You can still use the Eye-Fi Pro X2 with method #1 if you choose to as well. The advantage Eye-Fi Pro X2 has over connect is the Ad Hoc Connectivity. 


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